Our philosophy is simple, we design & source products that are made to last the test of time. We're conscious of our impact on the environment & working hard to minimise it.

We are proud of the sustainable practices we have adopted in our approach to product design, packaging & recycling within our business. Creativity is our passion & we're dedicated to bringing beautiful furniture & homewares to the Australian market with careful consideration of the whole journey for each unique piece; the source & the impact on our environment.

We strive to deliver exceptional product, at affordable prices with on time delivery. We are family, & we own & operate our own warehousing & logistics facility in Sydney & are proud of the sustainable practices we have adopted in our approach to packaging & recycling within our business.


We have a goal at Horgans to implement & adopt sustainable, positive & effective change. To be a leader in the sustainable space; consciously sourcing materials, hardware & packaging, drastically reducing harmful externalities & continuously analysing areas of the business that can be targeted for improvement.


To offering style & quality in equal proportions to sustainability, ethical transparency & corporate integrity. Endeavouring to set a local & international standard based on attainable goals & a shared vision.


That our new commitment to the highest possible sustainable & ethical practices will be easy to achieve but will endeavour to incrementally change our current processes for the betterment of our industry, community & the World.


As a furniture & homeware wholesaler we produce a large amount of cardboard packaging. Every week, our warehouse staff recycle product within our facility to minimise the waste of excess cardboard. With this initiative, we have increased storage space in our warehouse & less cardboard waste.

With the implementation of a Bin Trim cardboard shredder, Horgans are now enjoying great return on investment. More important than the financial benefit is that our customers are now more aware of the importance of reducing packaging related waste & the role our business plays in this.

28,000 businesses in NSW are cutting costs & reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill through the EPA’s Bin Trim program. The EPA works in partnership with businesses to increase recycling & save costs & resources. 


We strive to use & reuse eco-friendly packaging material for preparing product for shipping

  • Produce Eco-Friendly Packaging Material
  • Effective Recycling Solution for Disposing of Cardboard Boxes
  • Reduce Your Packaging Costs
  • Protect The Environment & Reduce Waste

By Recycling unwanted cardboard boxes, the packaging is free, there are savings on waste disposal, as well as a reduction in landfill & carbon in the production of Bubble Wrap, Styrene products & other costly packaging material.       


If you need more information, or wish to be put in touch with one of our sales representative, please contact us