Our New Brand

Our New Brand

We’re proud to unveil a new look for Horgans. To celebrate 40 years, we thought it was time for a rebrand that reflected us: full of character and a feeling of home. Rest assured this is the only thing changing. Horgans is still the same group of people you know with the same passion for design.

Horgans is a second-generation family business bringing a world of sophisticated furniture to Australian homes. Since 1983, we’ve travelled the globe to source unique pieces with a story to tell. It’s how we shape layered living spaces of character, and a legacy of great design.

To celebrate 40 years, the opportunity we saw, was to clarify the story of Horgans and reframe it for a new future. Who we are, what we believe, and what sets us apart.

This is our strategic positioning, expressing the beautiful balance of heart and vision that has defined Horgans from the beginning. Our identity not only reflects our design sensibility but our unique positioning. Our logo is crafted from geometric shapes indicative of the aesthetic and contemporary nature of our approach. 

A brand being more than a logo is the strategy which defines our brand through a series of building blocks. This is our DNA. It’s what makes our brand unique, and drives the reasons people choose us.

Our brand

People gravitate towards stories. We believe the story of Horgans is one worth sharing – as is the story behind our collections.

  That’s why we are introducing these with one or two sentences. This could be about its provenance. An unusual fact about the production. An opinion. A memory. A line of poetry. A quote. Something unexpected. 

Our tone of voice reflects our personality and our products. That means our language is: Warm, Worldly, Sophisticated, Confident. And… With something unexpected.

— story.

Our Brand Pillars

A Family Story

We began as a family story.
And even as we’ve grown,
we’ve maintained a family feel.
Open arms and open doors.

We’re a people business, built on relationships.
That’s because, at the end of the day, we’re here
for where people and families live.


Journey of Adventure

A spirit of adventure runs through our
collections, and through our own culture.
We are worldly and progressive, and we never sit still.

As we travel the globe, we bring our
experience and our passion to our clients.
We’re on a journey, inspired by the same
quality our clients seek.


Distinguished by Design

Our range is diverse.
Our focus is discerning.
We bring a sophisticated eye to a
world of culture, creativity and craft.

It’s this intrinsic sense of design that
allows us to curate collections that
are not only inspiring but unexpected.
Pieces to treasure.

An original.

Quality of Character

Our collections share the same qualities as our
people: strength, conviction and confidence.
In a word, character. We’re here for the bold.

We’re not afraid to push ourselves, and we
stand by our actions. United in our resolve,
for something greater than ourselves.

A legacy.

Stories of design.
Since 1983.